A Special Treat!

A visit to Ichizenya一善や

To celebrate my first week of abstinence from the sweet white stuff, I took myself to a local cake shop cafe.  Ichizenya is a fabulous little cafe on Higashikuramaguchi near Shirakawa Dori in the north east of Kyoto.  As the name suggests, the decor is very ‘zen’ – minimalist and classy.  It is a quiet spot and perfect for quiet appreciation of the homemade tasty delights on offer.  In the past I have opted for take-out, but on this occasion I decided to savour the ‘whole experience’.

I was lucky.  Despite it being a Sunday, and potentially very busy, I had the cafe almost to myself.  It was quiet and perfectly suited to my book-reading, dessert-savouring plan.  My choice was a simple strawberry tart with coffee and it was delicious!  The pictures say it all really, so I see no need to plaster the page with tasty adjectives.  One thing I will say though is that the flavour and enjoyment were definitely enhanced by the anticipation of going to the cafe.  Not feeding the sweet monster all week, looking forward to ‘the treat’, and taking a good hour to relish the indulgence all served to make it the tastiest strawberry tart I’ve had in ages.

I have now almost finished my second week of ‘no added sugar’.  I won’t lie.  It takes a real effort some days to avoid giving in to the sweet things on offer wherever I go.  However, the longer I stay on track, the more determined I am to keep going.  Of course, I am contemplating my next visit to Ichizenya, or maybe some other equally inviting venue, but it is not a feeling of ‘oh my God, I can’t wait for a sugar fix’.  Rather, I am feeling that it is simply a special treat.


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