Sugar – it’s everywhere!

On my first day of ‘no added sugar’ I was very surprised to see that someone had liked my first blog post!  Wow!  I had thought that my posts would float around in cyberspace going largely unnoticed.  Knowing that even just one person has read my post is very motivating and it serves the purpose I intended – to keep me on track.  So, thank you to my first ‘liker’ for that!

To sum up my first week of no added sugar… it’s tough!  Sugar – or at least food, snacks and drinks that have sugar added – is everywhere.  I live in Kyoto, Japan but I imagine the same can be said for most other cities too.  For example, I picked up a ‘coffee to go’ from a convenience store and my usual habit is to sprinkle some cinnamon into my drink.  However, I noticed it is actually ‘cinnamon sugar’, so I had to bypass that.  I also ran some errands at a local household store and found myself pausing longingly at a display of chocolates (located between cleaning products!) which I had not expected to see.  On another occasion at work someone had very kindly brought some chocolates in to share!  Ordinarily, I would have taken one quite happily.  However, knowing I would have to confess publically to not being able to make it even one week, I did not succumb.  These are just a handful of tempting moments that stuck in my mind as I started writing this post.

The good news is that I have not had anything with added sugar for a week!  It is too soon I think to feel any significant physical changes, but I am feeling a quiet glow of satisfaction.  It is subtle, but being in control of what I am eating and drinking is definitely a good feeling.  Another positive side effect is that I am spending less.  It is amazing how the odd sweet snack here and there can add up over the course of a week!

In short, it has been a good start to the semester and I am looking forward to my first weekend treat at my local cake shop to celebrate my week of abstinence from the sweet stuff.  It is also interesting to note that going to my local cafe, which was once a fairly ‘ordinary event’, has become more of a ‘special occasion’.  I like that too!  I am planning to properly indulge myself and truly enjoy every bite.  Quite appropriate that the name of the cafe is ‘Ichi Zenya’!一膳や


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