IMG_5421For quite a while now I have been trying to do a couple of things: cut down on the amount of sugar I eat, and develop a regular writing habit.  Seemingly, these two things are unrelated, but by writing about my sugar experiences I am hoping to unite the two things.  Not that I eat crazy amounts of the sweet stuff, but I do find myself craving something sweet more than I used to.  I have also been experiencing a few physical symptoms that I am curious about – achy joints, itchy scalp.  Could these be related to my diet in any way?  An additional goal here is to do a little research – read about sugar and its effects, as well as write about my experience.  I haven’t written a blog before and the idea of publishing these goals and thoughts makes me nervous.  It also is a way of keeping myself in check…doing what I set out to do!  So, here’s my plan for the duration of one semester, from April 1st – July 31st (I teach at university so this feels like a good period of time to get focused):

  1. Cut out any foods or drinks that contain added sugar.
  2. Read about sugar.
  3. Write a blog post once a week about either my experience/feeling or something interesting I have read.
  4. Allow myself a once a week treat to a local cafe which makes homemade desserts – Yes, I want to cut out added sugar, but I also want to be realistic and come from a place of not denying myself ‘too much’!

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